Custom Wheel Building

The Service Mécanique Vélo has the ability to build any custom wheels you can imagine. I will take the time to understand your specific needs based on your budget and riding style to hand select the perfect wheel set. Custom wheels are often a better choice than pre-built wheels because I can individually select the actual build design to match your riding needs. In addition to the build design, I can customize the parts in ways pre-built wheels are not always available. I will do all this and still keep the labor to CHF 35.00 as long as you purchase all the pieces from us.

The mass produced lugged bicycle is long gone. Today, lugged construction is found primarily on quality, hand made bicycles. The added technical and esthetic values offset the added labor of lugged construction. Custom bicycle enthusiasts appreciate the technical superiority, better reliability, longer life, and great looks of a well made lugged frame.

Silver brazed construction with lugs reinforces the joints, so the frame has added strength where it is needed. Building with lugs also allows the frame builder’s artistry to come through in the finished product.


Bike repair

& maintenance

I’m offering bike repair & maintenance to make sure your cycle is in tip-top shape and ready for the road ahead.  I want to help make sure your bicycles are always good to go and available as your first choice for everyday transport.  I’m offering quick fix bike repair and a regular proactive bike maintenance service, all delivered at your home or workplace.

What Should I Expect?

I’m coming to you

I come to your home or work at a time you choose, so you don’t have to worry about getting your bike to a workshop.  I’m traveling by cycle, so I can’t carry heavy equipment. Bigger jobs might need a workshop visit.

Expert Mechanic

How I can help

Bike Repairs

Flat tyre? Broken chain? Gears stuck? Or just a new bike that needs building up?Whatever the problem, your Service mechanic will get it fixed.

Regular Maintenance

You can avoid many common problems by keeping your cycle well maintained. Book a service and I’ll make sure you’re always safe and ready to ride.